Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Getting it Right

One of the things that really irks me when reading is an author who doesn't take the time to do the research needed to get the details right. For example, the silencer on a revolver. Sorry, just doesn't work. Or, the guy who just walks right up to a wild horse, rubs his nose a time or two then gets on and goes for a ride. I saw that on "survival" show a while back and actually yelled at the tv. Because of the lack of attention to detail, I won't be watching that show again.

When writing crime fiction, it's so important to get the details right. We have to get the firearm details, crime scene details, police procedure details and a host of other details just right. If we don't, our reader WILL know and may decide not to read any of our other writing.

One place to get those details is The Graveyard Shift, Lee Lofland's blog. Topics range from jails, bounty hunting, police dogs, investigation, forensics and many others. If you don't find what you need, Lee is great answering questions. Just leave a question in the comment section.

Lee is also the author of Police Procedure & Investigation. This is on my "keeper" shelf. I find it a great resource.

Remember, research may be time consuming but the details you glean will make your story better and better is well worth the work.

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