Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy weekend...

This week started out on a very good note. The winner of the Reading Writer's Dynamic Dialogue Contest was announced and while I didn't win, I did get another Honorable Mention. I'm calling it a "tie for second" since she only picks one winner. The winning piece is excellent so check it out. For tips on what an editor is looking for in a piece, read the judge's opinion. You can check out the archives for back issues of their ezine, THE VERB, and read other winners and her comments.

And, check out the current contest prompt. These are fun to do and a great way to practice your craft.

In the novel writing news department, I've added almost 6k this week. Wednesday I had to be away from home and the puter all day so I only wrote four days this week but still did well. I'm excited about the way things are going. I hope others will be also.

Here's a cool link to check. On Sunday's they post the "Best of Twitter" links.

Want to track your word count? You can add a progress meter like mine to your website too. These are fairly easy to work with and it's really nice to see the words add up. You can find yours at StoryToolz.

Now, go write something!


Sandra said...

Hearty congratulations, Jean! I would love to read your entry.

I will go write something on Monday. Hubby is home this weekend so time gets spent with him. I've two variations on an article to write and a fanfiction challenge story to create and write.

I think I'll go get one of those progress meters :)


Jean said...

I decided to post it here since I really have no idea of a market for it.

Besides, it was done for fun and practice with my dialogue...not for a specific market.

Hope you enjoy. It'll be live soon.