Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Been gone too long...

But I'm back now. I didn't plan this blog neglect but sorta got wrapped up in this novel.

As you can see...I'm just over 29k and should reach 30k by this afternoon. That's if the writing muse cooperates.

I've also started another blog project for NaNoWriMo called "Let's Write a Novel...Together" and encourage everyone to stop by and check it out.

This month, we'll be talking about different aspects of writing. Next month, we'll plan our NaNo projects, have some brainstorming chats maybe and then together in November, we'll write those novels. It'll be fun so don't miss out.

My internet diet is still working. Making writing a priority has been a very good thing.

Remember, if you don't get it written, you don't have anything to revise!!!

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