Thursday, April 16, 2009

Friday Link-a-paloosa

Happy Friday all! Here's some cool links I've been saving just for today.

First, a very cool article called Creating Characters That Jump Off The Page by Robert Gregory Brown. I love this.

Also his article How Not To Write On The Nose. He's got some really good ones so when you have a chance, browse his site.

For those of you who love a challenge, check out the Dynamic Dialogue Contest over at Reading Writers. They have a quarterly contest that's free to enter, with a nice prize. This one is going to be a serious challenge:-) (I sent in a story for their "mirror as a character" prompt. Winners will be announced May 5th so I'm eagerly waiting.)

Joe Moore from The Kill Zone posted a very, very cool link for Research Sites. He's got some great resources and if you aren't reading The Kill Zone, you should be.

And check out The Plot Whisperer. I haven't had a chance to look around completely but I plan to soon.

Don't forget the Pen To Press Retreat next May in New Orleans. This is going to be such fun...and LOTS of work. But I totally believe it'll be worth it. I've already applied, been accepted and I'm so excited about being able to attend.

Lastly, we need this now more than ever. I found this Jenny Crusie article called Rats With Islands a while back. I think you'll find it seriously interesting.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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Sandra said...

Lot's of good stuff. I really liked the Creating Characters That Jump Off The Page. I have created my best characters the way he does. I never thought of it as they are all me, or me method acting, but they are. I would often act them all out, if not with motions, at least with dialogue. That hasn't been happening as much with my new endeavor of writing original fiction and I've missed it.

I think I need to do the questions, lists and charts after the fact more than before; esp. for when I start trying to write longer stories/novels. I've been reading the list method in the course and in "Getting Into Character" (though she mentions doing it in reverse) and it has caused me to become stiff and awkward with my characters.

Thanks again, as always, for your help and encouragement :-)