Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Love & Hate

I love spring, most of the time. The grass turns green, trees leaf out, flowers bloom and all is wonderful. Except for the yellow haze of pollen that covers EVERYTHING, the stuffy head, watery eyes and sneezing. But after spring comes summer. I love summer. The warm sun, cold lemonade, swimming in the pool, just being lazy. Those days totally make up for all the annoyances of spring.

Writing is like that too. I love getting ideas and plotting them out, seeing what happens. I love creating characters, getting to know them and then putting them through their paces to see just what they can handle. I love how they handle those things and how sometimes they surprise me.

I hate writing too. I hate staring at the blank page, trying to get that first sentence right. I hate struggling with my inner editor over each little word. And I hate going back and reading something I thought was decent only to find it really is dreck.

But...after all the hard work of writing, comes the love again. I love it when the battles with the inner editor have made the story stronger, tighter and more focused. I love it when a reader loves my story and when I surprise 'em with an unexpected twist or turn. All these, make the hard work worth it. And, these things keep me writing.

So, tell me what you love/hate about writing.

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Anonymous said...

My love hate relationship with varies depending on my
My love hate relationship with writing began in college. It at that point I learned the difference between "literature" and "plain writing." It is important to understand that everyone has their opinion of what a good writer is. Therefore, don't be discouraged when someone criticizes your work. Where one person may not like your work, three people will.

Anyway, I hate when I am on a roll and then I lose my momentum. I also hate trying to find the right words to describe the same action in another part of the book.