Friday, April 3, 2009

Writing Buddies

We all know writing is a solitary pursuit, at least most of the time. And that's great. But sometimes we NEED a writing buddy, someone who understands what we're going through as we travel the very bumpy road to publication. And, it seems to be getting rougher as we go along.

So, want a writing buddy? Need someone to hold you accountable for getting words on the page? Let me know. Need a place to hang your hat and put your feet up? Let me know that too. I've got a spot in mind.

Just let me know what genre you write and how experienced you are so I can pair you with the "right" buddy.

If you love to read or write mysteries, then I've got a special place for you. I've started a office called Mysteries in the Making over at Zoetrope, just for mysteries. It's private so we don't have to worry about losing rights of things posted there. You have to join Zoetrope and then "Zmail" me for an invite but it's easy to do. My hope is to create a place where we can help each other grow in our craft and become published if that's what a person is aiming for.

Also, remember become on of the first 25 Mysteries in the Making Blog followers and you'll be entered to win an autographed copy of The Tomb by F. Paul Wilson or The Writer's Digest Handbook of Magazine Article Writing.

I've also started Twittering and would encourage you to follow me there. I promise not to bore you with mindless twitters about what I had for lumch or how bad a hair day I'm having. In fact, you'll get a writing or inspirational/motivational quote. You can find me under jeanlauzier.

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