Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sticky Notes

It's not really my fault. Honest, I didn't start out as a sticky note person but when someone gives you a box filled with sticy note pads, you have to use them. So, over the past several years I've collected a stack of sticky notes. Most of them are notes about writing, passwords, websites or phone numbers.

Today as I was getting started, I decided to go through my notes and get rid of those I don't need. Some, I have no clue what they mean now so they got pondered and put back in the stack. Some, such as hubby's old cell phone number, got tossed.

Here's some that I kept.

Romance story idea involving a zoo field trip...
Idea about a really nice guy who reads poetry at libraries during the day and kills bald guys on the night of the full moon.>br> Several ideas for blog posts about writing.
Two different lists of words to avoid such as that, was, were, just, very, and felt...
Two recipes. Peanut Butter Pie & Sock It To Me Cake, both are yummy by the way.
The Italian phrase "Tutto E Possibile" which means Anything is Possible.
Numerous writing tips such as...
Scene = Goal, Confict & Disaster

Scene = sequence of action that occurs continously in one place, time & POV. 1)What do we wnat reader to take away from the scene? 2) What will give dramatic power to scene?

The question "Does the scene balance action with visual details & dialogue?" I must have been focusing on scenes for a while:-)
Several ways to handle the revision process such as starting with the story, then plot, then dialogue.

The definition of a story: "A story consists of a sequence of action that occur when a sympathec character encounters a complicating situation the he confronts and solves."

All that to say, take notes of things you think are important. Save them for pondering later. Today, I found the reminder I needed among my notes.

"Write the first draft from the heart. Write the second from the head." C.S. Forester You can make your own sticky notes here.

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