Monday, May 18, 2009

Shoulder Vultures

That's right, you know, shoulder vultures. They sit on your shoulder and whisper how terrible that last sentence is or how no one in the entire world could ever want to read anything you could write.

And they show up at the most inconvenient times too. Like right before deadlines, as you are about to drop that submission in the mail or hit the send button.

These varmits can be a major thorn in the flesh for most writers at one time or the other. Especially those of us just starting out or getting more rejection than acceptance letters. And I'm not really sure we ever totally vanquish them. I've talked to writers with many publications credits and they tell me the shoulder vultures still gather as they write.

So how do we deal with these varmits? Here's a few of my favorite ideas.

* Realize self-doubt is normal and things aren't near as bad as we think.

* Get a second opinion from another writer you respect.

* Take a break from your piece for a couple days. This allows you to look at it with fresh eyes.

* Be positive. Fight those negative thoughts with positive ones.

Shoulder vultures are one of the many things writers have to deal with. However, we don't have to let them win.

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Sandra said...

I have a flock of shoulder vultures. I've had them for years. At this point I'm certain they have kept breeding and I currently have the original flock's great-grand vultures hovering o'er me or perched hunched over waiting to devour any confidence or initiative I may have.

I like the Writer's Affirmations. :-) I'll add them to the words on the mug my daughter gave me for Mother's Day: Believe in the power of believing in yourself.