Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Titles or A Rose by Any Other Name

Last week I took the plunge and queried a publisher for my romance novella. I'm still in the revision phase but they didn't demand it be complete, just to let them know if it was and include a synopsis.

Today, I received an email from the Senior Editor letting me know they had already published a work with the same title as mine and I needed to send her an alternative.

Okay...not a problem. Until I discovered my next choice was taken. Deep breath! I can come up with something appropriate. I spent some time with a thesaurus looking at alternative words and while I found a couple I liked, nothing that thrilled me or connected with the story. I made a note and might use them later.

Thankfully the plot bunnies were around and had an appropriate title that connects with the story and its theme. So, I sent it to the editor and made a note for myself.

Will see what happens now.

The question is, how attached to your title are you? Could you come up with another if needed?

And what about character names? I had to change a main character's last name in my mystery novel and still am not really happy with my choice. I keep trying out new names and hope something rings a bell. Sigh...

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