Friday, May 15, 2009

Writing Contests

I'm not into writing contests. Mainly because they are so subjective and you never really know what the judge is looking for.

However, I've found one contest I love. It's over at Reading Writers and I want to urge all of you to check it out and enter.

Each quarter, a new prompt is posted along with guidelines and date to enter by.

This quarter it's a "Dynamic Dialogue" prompt. How cool is that! Be sure to read all the guidelines on the site but here is a glimpse to whet your appetite.
Write a complete story—not a scene—that consists of pure dialogue. No narrative whatsoever, not even a he said or she replied. If it isn't spoken, and within quotation marks, it can't be on the page.
Now, why I like this contest...

1. No entry fee.

2. Winner gets nice stuff, a cash prize, a book and a critique of their entry.

3. I can read previous winners and see what judge is looking for, her likes and dislikes.

4. Working on the prompts help me learn my craft while having fun, trying new things and genres.

5. Prompts vary from quarter to quarter and you can twist them to whatever genre you are writing.

6. They let you know that your submission was received. (I hate not knowing.)

Now, click on over, check it out and get writing.

Oh, in the last contest, there were 318 entries. They pick one winner and several Honoarable Mentions, this time ten of them.
I managed another Honorable Mention. I call it a "tie for second."

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